For cultivating and preparing psychedelic mushrooms grow kits you need to follow below steps. Remove the metal cover by using any round object, for example a lid from a bottle, draw a circle with a diameter of 20-30 mm on its surface. Then, using the usual scissors, cut out the hole in the lid on the circumscribed circle. After the hole is cut, it is necessary to bend its sharp edges inwards, this can be done with a blunt wooden object, for example a rolling pin.

Make a cotton-gauze swab
Now it is necessary to make a cotton-gauze swab. To do this, cut off the bandage (the bandage should be quite wide, 10-12 cm) and add it in two layers. You need to put a piece of cotton on the bandage. In order to exclude bacteria from entering the jar in the future, the tampon should be dense, the closer it is, the less likely the bacteria will penetrate (but do not overdo it, otherwise the air cannot pass through the tampon). The tampon is made, about 1.5 times larger than the size of the hole in which it will be inserted. Next, raise the edges of the bandage, and tie them with a rope (if a thread is used, then it must be folded into several layers). So you get a gauze swab with cotton inside.
Cut off the excess bandage and rope.
Put the ready tampon into the hole you made in the lid of the jar. The tampon must be inserted in such a way that it protrudes equally from both sides of the lid (that is, exactly in the middle of the lid). After you put the tampon in the hole, it is necessary, simultaneously, to press it hard with the palms of the top and bottom. This is done in order to increase the horizontal density of the tampon, which in turn will prevent bacteria from entering through the gap between the swab and the lid.
Collect mushrooms should be at the moment when the veil covering the spore layer, most mushrooms begin to tear. After this moment, the fungi visually still continue to grow, but the growth of the fungal mass does not already occur.